Our philosophy

Respecting the environment helps us to better grasp the meaning of working in harmony with nature: climatic conditions and vital elements that, all together, define our unique "terroir".

Biodynamic methods ensure that neither our vineyards nor the people who work there are exposed to potentially harmful pesticides or fertilizers. Healthier and more robust vineyards also allow us to collect the grapes by hand during the harvest and, in the cellar, to follow the natural transformation process, without adding or removing anything.

Today more and more people are attentive not only to the ingredients of the food they eat, but also to those in the bottle of wine they are drinking: to guarantee those who love natural wine that, with our wines, they will only drink the result of a natural fermentation , in the cellar we only add our passion and reduce the interventions to the minimum necessary.


The dynamization process is an integral part of biodynamic agriculture. Its goal is to dissolve a small amount of biodynamic preparation in warm water by creating a whirlpool through a series of regular shakes. As soon as it appears, the whirlpool is interrupted, to induce a state of creative "chaos", then the shaking resumes in another direction until a new one appears

During the process, which continues for an hour, each eddy causes the water to be reached by the largest possible amount of air, exposing it to the energy of cosmic forces. At the end of the process, the dynamized water is sprayed on the ground and on the plants. By embracing the holistic principles of biodynamic agriculture, we constantly try to recreate a balance between plants, animals and people. A balance that, with its presence, infuses a special energy into the air and a unique harmony in our vineyards.

Natural Wine 

To date, there is no shared definition of natural wine. We have been producing wine according to our conception of naturalness since 2002, certified organic and biodynamic. Since we trust natural processes, what we do in the cellar is to limit ourselves to supporting the fermentation and aging processes of the grapes, from the earth to your glass.


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